TEQSuite is Oracle NetSuite partner that offers a full range of value added services for NetSuite customers.TEQSuite’s deployments are designed to deliver value fast, allowing you to get up and running on the Salesforce platform in a fraction of the time. Our team of certified experts are well-versed in NetSuite best practices and treat your business as if it is our own. Some highlights from our process include:

  • Discovery and business process review. We dive deep into your business goals, your KPI’s, your current state and environment and use our best practices experience to craft the best possible design that will deliver immediate and ongoing value.
  • Iterative development. We make sure you are involved every step of the way with frequent design reviews so that you can see progress early. We ensure complete alignment with your business needs through our Agile development process.
  • Rollout support. A fully functioning system is only part of the solution. Are users using it often and correctly? Are your business needs being met? Are the reports we created giving you the information you need to make decisions? We provide rollout assistance and ongoing support to ensure that Salesforce.com is providing the value you expect




Implementation steps

  1. Formal Introduction: Talk about high level goals, and discuss the overall project scope with your partner.
  2. Establish team: We will pick a dedicated team to help your NetSuite implementation go smoothly.
  3. Initial Configuration: We’ll engage your team in many work sessions during your NetSuite implementation. Plot out every business scenario, and learn how those needs will translate into NetSuite best practices (distribution, finance, CRM, and so on).
  4. Data Migration starts: NetSuite starts absorbing your business information.
  5. Dedicated team learns NetSuite: The dedicated team starts to see new enhancements, and discusses if there are any missing process gaps.
  6. Configuration: We start executing NetSuite customizations.
  7. Data Migration finishes: Every piece of data from the old system is now in NetSuite.
  8. Test Case: Dedicated users start testing the system’s ERP functionalities.
  9. Training Phase: Your entire company starts getting trained on NetSuite.
  10. Go Live: Your company is officially running NetSuite software for the first time.
  11. Post Go Live Support: We talk about anything you’re having trouble finding.
  12. NetSuite implementation finishes.

If your sales team doesn’t have insight into real-time inventory, your marketing department can’t send out awesome CRM emails, or your finance team doesn’t have multi-currency options and audit trail accountability, it’s time to upgrade your operations.

No matter if you’ve been in business for a long time, or are just starting out on your own, learning how to run a business for efficiency is more than half the battle of attaining every ounce of profit you can. Poor operations means missed opportunities. TEQSuite is a NetSuite partner, and we’re passionate about making sure our clients get the best NetSuite implementation possible! From purchasing a NetSuite license, to fully customizing the platform for you, we can help your company pick and choose which features you need most.

Our team would be honored to help guide you through the NetSuite implementation process. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more information about us as NetSuite implementation partner.


Right NetSuite partner

Work with a NetSuite partner who understands your business goals, budget, required go-live date, customization needs, and current bandwidth. We have years of experience working with ERP and CRM implementations. Our team of expert engineers will also ask you the right questions, and guide the NetSuite implementation process effortlessly.

Open to new ideas

Our team of experts know what they’re doing, and spend their days working very closely with NetSuite software. As they know how it runs in its most optimized form, we make sure that you’re open-minded about different ways to handle business processes. We will share our knowledge about what worked on old system, may be an archaic way to do something via NetSuite’s technology.


Our management do proper follow ups, and remain readily available if our customers have any questions. It’s better to ask questions during the process, rather than when it’s done and we make sure we answer all your questions and really invest our time and effort in right way for your NetSuite implementation.

Follow best practicies

This is one of the hardest parts for most clients. It’s exciting to get a new system that will make your company run more efficiently! However, jumping ahead will cause unexpected issues later. Therefore, we make sure we follow best industry practices for each NetSuite implementation.