Data is at the heart of every business. If it can’t be measured it can’t be managed. TEQSuite has helped hundreds of organizations take more control of their data through best practices extensive experience in data management. TEQSuite has performed both small and large scale data migrations, cleansing, normalizing, transforming, and migrating data from multiple sources.

  • TEQSuite has migrated data from CRM and support systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Siebel Systems, Oracle, Salesforce, Zendesk and more to NetSuite. In addition TEQSuite has migrated data from custom data stores, ERP systems, and more to NetSuite.
  • In addition to the data migration, we work with the customer to consolidate business and technology processes where appropriate in order to have an optimized combined system.
  • In other cases, TEQSuite has led complex data architecture, where a company may be spinning off a smaller implementations, requiring separate business processes and data to be split.

Most companies will arrive at a point when new applications must be introduced or data transferred to other systems, for instance, the introduction of new ERP and CRM solutions or redundancy of legacy systems. Consolidation of data from heterogeneous IT systems with widely varying source and target structures presents a major challenge. Poor data quality caused by duplicates, inaccurate or incorrect data, or differing data structures in source and target systems, all make the data migration project – and thus the working effectiveness with the new system – far more difficult.

In many cases, the complexity and magnitude of data migration is underestimated. At TEQSuite, we partner with our clients to develop the migration scenario most suitable for your needs and requirements, and where optimising data quality has the highest priority.


TEQSuite Advantage

Pre-migration impact assessment & scoping for a successful data migration

Support from an experienced consultants during the entire migration process

Continuously assess, improve and monitor throughout the migration and after go-live