change management

How we can help?

Change management is one of the most important and most overlooked areas of investment in a project. The best solution can fall flat if it is not rolled out properly. Adoption is key to getting the full value from your investment, and TEQSuite has significant experience in helping customers maximize their adoption. TEQSuite works with the stakeholders early in the project to strategies about how best to roll out the solution. You only get one opportunity to roll it out successfully. Every organisation is different, however some of the more common services that provide impact include the following:

  • Hands on end-user training - customised and focused on how it will help the end-user’s success
  • Conduct certifications that provide incentive for end-users to learn the system and to handhold end-users through the process of demonstrating the basics
  • Office hours and other forms of ongoing support to ensure that end-users have the help they need when they need it
  • One on one mentoring for end-users so that they get the help and motivation to use the system early
  • End-User Acceptance Training - get power users involved early by having them give feedback on the system. Have them become advocates for the new system.
  • Change management pre-launch sessions - Help end-users understand the benefits of cloud computing and how the NetSuite system will help them do their jobs better. These pre-launch sessions help educate end-users and get them excited about the new system
  • Documentation and Web resources - provide step by step information in document and/or video format to accomplish their tasks and centralize web resources so that there is a one-stop shop to get questions answered.


TEQSuite has extensive knowledge of and experience in the process of planning and executing specific, transactional programs of change with speed and agility. Change Management focuses on the discipline of developing comprehensive and effective change strategies to address a client’s specific needs, whether the change program complements an organization transformation or focuses on more transactional change programs. Our focus on behaviour change in this area can unlock the means by which leaders in the affected workforces encourage behaviour change, increasing the likelihood of success.

Within the TEQSuite Change Management solution are the following distinctive services :

  • Change strategy: Defining the desired future state of the organization or function based on the change program; and designing the change program itself, including specific initiatives in areas such as the definition of essential behaviours, communications strategy, learning strategy and the approach to leveraging analytics and measurement tools and methodologies.
  • Behaviour Change: Defining the desired behaviours from leadership, individuals and the organization as a whole; and putting in place a behaviour measurement and tracking capability.
  • Change Enablement: Stakeholder analysis; change impact assessment; change measurement and analytics; communications and stakeholder engagement; training and performance support; and alignment of organization, culture and behaviours.
  • Change Tracking: Using analytics to guide successful change programs. TEQSuite use advance Change Tracking analytics-based system—based on years of research and experience with organization change programs—that offers predictive capabilities. We help executives set a more successful course for change, monitor progress and take corrective action as needed.