How we can help?

TEQSuite has helped numerous organizations leverage best practices across industries, utilize deep experience with a multitude of business models, and build industry leading solutions and infrastructures that drastically improve efficiency and enable businesses to capture new opportunities. Some of the business models that TEQSuite has built solutions for include:

  • Healthcare
  • Broker/Dealer Management
  • Distributor/Reseller Partner Model
  • Consumer Products – Business to Consumer (B2C) Products
  • Complex Ecosystems (e.g. Construction Industry Bidding))
  • Customer Success Management (Solutions for Managing Customer Success)
  • E-Commerce for B2B and B2C products
  • Enterprise Sales (such as for Software and Hardware)
  • High Volume Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Freemium
  • Marketplace (e.g. Airbnb and Uber like models)
  • Media/Ad Sales
  • Retail Management
  • Recurring / Subscription Management
  • Membership Management – signups, subscription newsletter

And more! Each of these models require best practices experience to create the proper structure, process support and automation.

Our team of experts spends time with the business process owners who will use the process. These dedicated owners will have the best understanding of the business flow. Start brainstorming and building out the requirements within the team. Once we’ve finished collaborating, merge the gap between the business requirements and the workflow functionality within NetSuite.

We understand the inherent limitations within workflows, in order to build the best solution for your company. We will have multiple strategies, ideas and know the most efficient way to create the workflow and save countless days of work for you.

Once we know what you need, we take your requirements and starting building out a NetSuite workflow. Create states, transitions, and actions to accommodate your business requirements. Test your workflow against the business requirements. Involve the users in the process, and be open to suggestions of others ways to improve the workflow process. Multiple iterations of changes are not uncommon, so we keep on enhancing the existing flows until the flow seems perfect.


Workflow Management Automates Your Business for Maximum Efficiency and Flexibility

SuiteFlow provides developers and customers with easy-to-use point-and-click tools to customize and automate business processes. Business processes such as lead nurturing, collections management, sales discounting approvals, purchase order approvals and more can be created easily with SuiteFlow.

Key Benefits

  • Rapidly deploy workflows in response to changing business needs
  • Automate business processes such as lead nurturing, sales discounting approvals, travel authorizations and more
  • Improve responsiveness by enabling continual tracking of various steps in a business process
  • Maximize business agility by allowing ad hoc workflow changes.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-Use Graphical Workflow Management
  • Workflow Manager provides a complete graphical point-and-click solution that allows you to build and maintain workflows
  • Quickly assemble rules-based workflows to streamline business processes such as lead nurturing, sales discounting or purchase order approvals, collections management and more
  • Easily create, view, edit and manage workflow states, actions, rules and branching conditions.
  • Powerful Workflow Capabilities
  • Easily specify the triggering events that initiate a workflow, such as when records are viewed, created, or updated—or schedule workflows to run automatically
  • Manage the states the record will pass through in the course of the workflow, and define conditional actions to occur when the record enters each state—such as when a marketing lead nurturing email changes from having been sent to subsequently opened.


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