Tighten control for cost efficiency

Gain an in-depth, real-time view into key supplier, inventory, and shop floor performance indicators. NetSuite Inventory Management provides a wide array of capabilities to optimize inventory availability and levels. Self-service capabilities for partners, vendors, and customers improve collaboration throughout the entire supply chain.

With NetSuite, you’ll be able to better manage inventory levels and costs and better meet fulfilment expectations for maximum customer service. Enable your business to keep inventory costs low while meeting customers’ delivery expectations.

With products and product information clearly defined, a NetSuite user can set up procurement rules for those products with regards to demand. The customer can replenish inventory in response to factors such as seasonal and forecasted demand changes, average lead time, and the number of days’ supply to stock. Businesses can also keep alerts when stocks reach a certain minimum level. This way, they can re-order items before they run out and ensure they have inventory available at all times.

Finally, NetSuite Advanced Inventory also adds value by allowing the printing of bar codes, other item labels, packing slips, and invoices.With all these features, NetSuite provides enormous value to businesses. Managers have full visibility into the inventory system, as well as analytics for the data involved. By optimizing inventory levels and availability, businesses can reduce costs, while keeping enough product to avoid stock-outs and meet demand. And of course, through this entire process, customer satisfaction is increased.

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Warehouse management system software

Whether you’re an SME or enterprise organisation looking to join more than 40,000 organisations using NetSuite’s cloud ERP software suite, you’ll want to work with an experienced NetSuite partner to maximise your investment.

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