An award-winning software solution by itself will not run your business. It takes a team to do that. In addition to selecting the best cloud solution on the market, it takes smart and dedicated people leveraging their business acumen and best practices to expand and grow a business profitably over time. Distribution companies must be agile in a highly competitive landscape and bring near-constant innovation into their business to keep pace with customer expectations.

The same is true for your business solution partners. It takes a team of dedicated professionals tightly focused on your business sector to deliver a truly competitive platform. That’s why NetSuite created the Wholesale Distribution team. We have combined sales, marketing, solutions consultants, software development and professional services into one team. This Wholesale Distribution team is dedicated to innovating, building, selling and delivering the best solution experience on the market.



  • An end-to-end cloud management system for financials & accounting, inventory & order management, CRM & marketing, point-of-sale, and ecommerce.
  • One singular instance of data across your entire manufacturing, wholesale and retail enterprise.
  • A unified omnichannel commerce platform built around the B2B and B2C customer experience.
  • A 360-degree view of your manufacturing, wholesale and retail business updated in real-time.
  • Out-of-the box roles, reports and dashboards to get you up and running quickly.
  • Industry expertise and leading approach to technology implementation.


With many customers throughout the wholesale distribution industry, we have deep experience in working with companies like yours. NetSuite has taken this industry expertise and bundled it into the wholesale distribution solution to solve the unique business challenges of the wholesale industry. Combine this industry expertise with the leading practices developed by our wholesale distributor dedicated professional services team, we help our customers transform their businesses in consumable stages to develop competitive advantage in the marketplace. We call this approach SuiteSuccess and it is only available from NetSuite.


SuiteSuccess is a stairway approach to technology and business transformation. Recognizing that one cannot boil the ocean, we understand it’s virtually impossible to transform a business in one giant leap. That was the ERP of yesteryear, a painful, multi-year big-bang implementation odyssey. Commonly that resulted in over-promising and under-delivering. We’ve changed all that.

The SuiteSuccess stairway is presented in five consumable steps. It is designed to first remediate or fix the major technology platform issues then to build on that platform in subsequent steps in a continuous process toward marketplace disruption. We stress continuous because NetSuite and its customers must also keep pace with emerging technology and competitors in order to thrive.

We recognize that every business is unique and that one size does not fit all, in distribution nor in technology. Our team works to identify your business needs and priorities because everyone has a different starting point, business model and direction moving forward.

The stairway guides us, but it’s the combination of working closely with your business and the NetSuite Wholesale Distribution team that adapts the stairway methods to your specific needs.

Together we can chart a course forward. Here’s how we do itii

Step 1 Establish: The main goal is to create and implement the foundational, cloud-based platform upon which to build future transformation. We leverage the NetSuite unified data model to combine customers, inventory, orders and financials on the same platform. Gone are the fractional point solutions and the endless hours spent trying to reconcile the inevitable differences in all those pieces of software. Instead we have one version of the truth, available to all business users regardless of where they operate in the enterprise. From CEO to receiving clerk, everyone views the same source of data at the same time.

Step 2 Elevate: With the NetSuite platform in place, we can continue the transformation with the expansion of channels, such as the addition of a unified physical store or online store. Here, we seek to bring that unified model of customers, inventory, orders and financials to the four corners of our business.

Step 3 Expand: Platform in place, freed from the overhead of an IT infrastructure, brands can now focus on developing innovative ways to engage customers and do business instead of just trying to keep the old technology stack afloat. True omnichannel operations and all their complexities are now available and deployable.

Step 4 Accelerate: To support the true omnichannel business in place, revenue streams are optimized across the organization with intelligent cross-channel marketing and promotions. Formerly impossible with the point solution approach, now brands begin to drive profitable cross-channel sales with targeted promotions and ROI analysis.

Step 5 Dominate: This is when technology is no longer the inhibitor. A place where we would all like to be, leading from the front, driving and delivering on new business capacity without having to constantly worry about the attendant technology. Allow NetSuite to deliver on the technology and innovation roadmaps, so you can run your business. With two product releases a year, our Wholesale Distribution team is staying abreast of business technology to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.


NetSuite’s Wholesale Distributors Edition is designed to give your team the tools it needs to monitor the business; enabling faster and better decision-making while improving the customer experience and your bottom line.

The Wholesale Distributor Solution was designed and built with the help of many of our key customers. This involves an iterative design process that directly includes the customers in the design of the solution and allows them to preview the user experience to see exactly how each screen and process will look and function.

During this process, we identified many key roles within a distribution company, but the system can be easily adapted to the specific needs of each customer. The result is a complete, end-to-end management system tailored to the needs of today’s distributors.


Every user of the Wholesale Distribution solution is presented with a home dashboard that has been designed to present only the information that is required for that role to perform their daily

tasks most efficiently. The dashboard serves as your central hub of information complete with pre-configured alerts, KPIs, reminders and report snapshots—all of which are updated in real-time.


In the modern economy, wholesale distribution companies need to be able to sell their products consistently through multiple channels, but how exactly do you accomplish this? NetSuite was built from the ground up to service B2B and B2C—having been built on the three pillars of financials, CRM and ecommerce. Additionally, with native support for selling through partners, our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is uniquely positioned to handle sales through all channels and every sales order comes into the same place in NetSuite regardless of whether it is manually entered, imported through ecommerce (either ours or your own) or from partners/distributors through one of our portal offerings.

Meet the needs of omnichannel shoppers with a modern commerce solution that enables you to streamline and accelerate the transaction process, while also delivering personalized customer service. With a 360-degree view of the customer and enterprise-wide, real-time inventory visibility, NetSuite provides the omnichannel capabilities required to easily deliver a unified shopping experience and build strong customer loyalty. Working together, NetSuite's ecommerce platform enables you to bridge the gap across channels to fully service and satisfy your customers.


  • Expand into new markets with multi-site and multi-country support from a single account.
  • Host B2B and B2C web stores on the same platform.
  • Customize payment terms for different vendors.
  • "Save the sale" with cross-channel inventory visibility and order fulfillment.
  • Streamline order booking at tradeshows with mobile POS.
  • Service in-store customers and improve the checkout process via a tablet.
  • Drive business with a B2B web portal for quick orders, wholesale pricing and credit applications.


Everything in NetSuite is updated and available globally in real- time. Whether you have one store or 10 warehouses and 500 stores positioned internationally, everyone in your company will be on the

same page in terms of inventory position, availability and commitments.

Our Advanced Order Management solution lets you configure rules to define which locations should be used for order supply based on location, lead-time, service level, availability or any combination of these parameters and more.

Achieve the perfect product assortment, tear down inventory silos, avoid stock-outs and deliver on promises with a unified instance of merchandise data across all channels. Finally put an end to drastic markdowns on excessive stock and unrestricted cash flow that is tied up in tired inventory. NetSuite's inventory and order management capabilities allow you to understand your bottom-line costs while maintaining the right mix of merchandise across the business.


  • Allocate orders and reserve inventory between retail accounts and direct consumers.
  • Offer true omnichannel: buy, return, fulfill from anywhere.
  • Reduce out-of-stocks with accurate inventory visibility across all channels.
  • Fulfill orders faster; optimize shipments with rules to automatically fulfill orders based on preferences such as nearest warehouse, shipping price or stores with excess inventory.
  • Quickly move merchandise and eliminate timely manual entry of transfer and replenishment orders with quicker, bulk transfers of inventory across multiple warehouse and retail locations.


Today, many businesses in the industry rely on multiple point solutions that can’t achieve all their financial reporting needs. Because of this, companies leverage tools such as Excel to piece together and view financial and accounting data. This static data makes it nearly impossible to obtain accurate insights into the business and often results in data prone errors. The outcome requires significant amounts of time wasted on building reports, and most importantly, it hinders the ability to make an intelligent decision. Additionally, the lack of accurate data across the organization can affect all departments, resulting in problems such as restricted cash flow as well as lengthy and inefficient period-end close process.

NetSuite’s cloud-based single platform architecture ensures complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of the business from a consolidated level down to the individual transactions. It seamlessly integrates with all NetSuite order management, inventory, CRM and

ecommerce functions to streamline critical processes and deliver the best outcomes for your business.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate data prone errors with out-of-the-box reports and a robust reporting engine.
  • Automate collections, billing, invoicing and approval workflows.
  • Drill down deeper from historical data to the transaction level to gain more insight.
  • Drive financial excellence with real-time reporting.
  • Eliminate billing errors, strengthen revenue recognition processes and drive fulfilment accuracy and efficiency processes.
  • Close out your books faster.
  • Improve visibility into costs, revenues and margins.


To be successful, wholesalers and retailers alike must deliver timely and relevant communications. Sales representatives need a single unified repository to prospect for new business and service existing buyer relationships. The marketing team needs access to data such as customer preferences, purchase history and geo-location to segment and deploy intelligent campaigns.

NetSuite CRM delivers powerful CRM capabilities for both wholesale brands and retailers, including Sales Force Automation (SFA), marketing automation, customer support and service, ecommerce, and flexible customization, all in a single cloud CRM solution. And unlike typical CRM solutions, NetSuite CRM includes powerful sales performance management, order management and omnichannel management.

NetSuite CRM provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle.


NetSuite’s depth of experience in the wholesale distribution industry, coupled with its SuiteSuccess industry solution, transforms the way NetSuite builds, sells, delivers and supports industry solutions. We’ve tailored the best of NetSuite’s products and professional services and built strategic partnerships to deliver a whole offer solution to meet the dynamic needs of today’s modern business. 

Over 18,000 customers around the world are transforming their businesses with NetSuite. Your company can too. With amazing customers throughout the wholesale distribution industry, we’ve got deep experience working with businesses just like yours.