Nonprofits everywhere are navigating change on an ongoing basis— keeping pace with donor expectations, regulations and emerging trends. Amongst it all, demand for more services and transparency into spending is driving industry shifts. Yet, many nonprofits are relying on disparate systems, leaving leadership without a single actionable view of the business.

Nonprofits need a flexible business system that will enable them to continuously meet the evolving needs of their stakeholders. NetSuite offers cloud software that automates critical business processes and consolidates financial data into a single, unified view, even across multiple subsidiaries, with multiple revenue types and across international boundaries.

NetSuite Benefits

  • Real-time financial management for accelerated monthly close and strategic decision-making.
  • FASB reports on the fly with easy and configurable compliance reporting.
  • KPIs and Dashboards with role-based metrics and analytics to manage your nonprofit.
  • Complete control and visibility over spend management.
  • Seamless integration between accounting and development for a single version of the truth.
  • Efficiency and visibility into the grant lifecycle with grant management
  • Streamlined global operations and capabilities.
  • Join a community of NetSuite Social Impact organizations and take advantage of pro bono and capacity building training.

Built and Delivered With Industry Experience

With over 2,000 successful implementations, NetSuite has a deep understanding of nonprofit organizations across the sector and the challenges they face. NetSuite has taken this industry expertise and bundled it into our nonprofit solution, that’s built to solve unique business challenges. We’ve combined this industry expertise with leading practices developed by our professional services team to enable our customers to transform their organizations in consumable stages. We call this approach SuiteSuccess and it is only available from NetSuite.

Key Benefits

  • Deliver the ideal customer experience by phasing out costly, outdated and unruly systems using a prescribed stairway methodology.
  • Maximize time-to-value by combining strategic services, partnerships and value-added products for a complete end-to-end solution.
  • Optimize business processes with tailored features, designed to meet the dynamic needs of nonprofits.

Suite Success

SuiteSuccess is a stairway approach to technology and business. Recognizing that one cannot boil the ocean, we understand it’s virtually impossible to transform an organization in one giant leap. That was the ERP of yesteryear, a painful, multi-year big-bang implementation odyssey that commonly resulted in over-promising and under-delivering. We’ve changed all that.

The SuiteSuccess stairway is presented in five consumable steps. It is designed to first establish where you are as an organization and understand the foundation you are built on. We discuss the technology platform and uncover areas where your business can thrive, all while understanding the phases you have for your nonprofit.

We recognize that every organization is unique and that one size does not fit all, in nonprofits nor in technology. Our team works to identify your needs and priorities because everyone has a different starting point, business/ funding model and direction moving forward.

We work closely with your organization so your NetSuite team can adapt the stairway method to your specific needs.

Together We Can Chart a Path Forward

Here’s How We Do It:

Step 1 Establish: The main goal is to create and implement the foundational, cloud-based platform upon which to build future transformation. We leverage the NetSuite unified data model to combine financials and projects, grants and fund management, analytics, and dashboards on the same platform. Gone are the fractional point solutions and the endless hours spent trying to reconcile the inevitable differences in all those pieces of software. Instead, we have one version of the truth, available to all users regardless of where they operate in the organization. From CEO to AR, everyone views the same source of data at the same time.

Step 2 Elevate: With the NetSuite platform in place, we can continue the transformation with the expansion of channels, such as the addition of people and program management. Here we seek to bring that unified model of constituents, expense management, forecasting and financials to the four corners of your business.

Step 3 Expand: Platform in place, free from the overhead of an IT infrastructure, nonprofits can now focus on their mission instead of just trying to keep the old technology stack afloat. Advanced reporting, inventory management and automation are now available and deployable.

Step 4 Accelerate: Focus on areas like planning and budgeting, intracompany frameworks and e-commerce are virtually impossible with the point solution approach. Now nonprofits are increasing utilization and agility, making data-driven decisions and improving efficiency and impact.

Step 5 Transform: This is when technology is no longer the inhibitor. A place where we would all like to be, leading from the front, driving impact and building meaningful relationships through connecting dollars to outcomes―without having to constantly worry about the attendant technology. Allow NetSuite to deliver on the technology and innovation roadmaps, so you can run your nonprofit. With two product releases a year, our team is staying abreast of business technology to deliver for our customers.

Product Designed With Your Nonprofit in Mind

NetSuite’s Nonprofit Edition is designed to give your team the tools it needs to monitor the business, enabling faster and better decision-making while improving your mission impact and ‘bottom line.’ The nonprofit solution was designed and built with the help of many of our key customers. This involves an iterative design process that directly includes the customers in the design of the solution and allows them to preview the user experience to see exactly how each screen and process will look and function. During this process, we identified many key roles within a nonprofit, but the system can be easily adapted to the specific needs of each customer. The result is a complete, end-to-end management system tailored to the needs of today’s nonprofit.

Pre-Configured Dashboards, KPIs and Reports

Every NetSuite user is presented with a home dashboard that has been designed to present only the information that is required for that role to perform their daily tasks most efficiently. The dashboard serves as your central hub of information complete with pre-configured alerts, KPIs, reminders and report snapshots—all of which are updated in real-time.

Financial and Accounting

Today, many organizations rely on multiple point solutions that can’t achieve all their financial reporting needs. Because of this, nonprofits leverage tools such as Excel to piece together and view financial and accounting data. This static data makes it nearly impossible to obtain accurate insights into the business and often results in errors, time wasted on building reports and most importantly it hinders the ability to make intelligent decisions. Additionally, the lack of accurate data across the organization can affect all departments, resulting in problems such as restricted cash flow as well as lengthy and inefficient period-end close process.

NetSuite’s cloud-based single platform architecture ensures complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of the business from a consolidated level down to the individual transactions. It seamlessly integrates with NetSuite project and resource management, time and expense, and CRM functions to streamline critical processes and deliver the best outcomes for your organization.


You’re in Great Company

NetSuite’s depth of experience in the nonprofit sector, coupled with its SuiteSuccess industry solution, transforms the way NetSuite builds, sells, delivers and supports industry solutions. We’ve tailored the best of NetSuite’s products and professional services and built strategic partnerships to deliver a solution to meet the dynamic needs of today’s nonprofit.

Over 24,000 customers―including 2,000+ nonprofits―around the world are transforming their organizations with NetSuite. From small volunteer run organizations to international NGOs, our Social Impact commitment is the same: to help you accelerate your mission with our cloud ERP technology and support. With amazing customers in the nonprofit sector, we’ve got deep experience working with organizations just like yours.