Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software provides the single platform on which you can process all your business operation windows and channels for increased efficiency and enhanced performance. The world is quickly switching from traditional on-site ERP systems that turn out to be too rigid when it comes to evolving technology and business practices to cloud-based ERP software. In other words, Software as a Service (SaaS) is the norm of the day as it offers immense flexibility, scalability along with ease of use. 

Let’s explore the major reasons as to why cloud-based software like NetSuite ERP are the top choices of businesses to fuel their growth story!

Managed services:


Managed services



When you work with an ERP, all your business and associated data are safely stored in the cloud that is centrally run and managed by professionals. The entire setup is securely monitored and manned by top professionals who are veterans in data safety and carry out regular upgrades to the system for best results. Ultimately, it is the host company that has the responsibility of innovating and maintaining the most advanced data security system for your business growth! This is a difficult proposition with on-premise systems that are likely to burden your operations with regular upfront investment in terms of human and hardware resources. 

Lowers operating costs:


Lowers operating costs



As discussed above, running on-premise ERP systems can become too complicated especially as the business grows. The continual need for upgrade and maintenance can negatively impact the business’s budget with rising operational costs. Contrary to this, opting for a SaaS ERP system ensures fixed expenditure in terms of subscription to avail the services that are largely reasonable. Also, the possibility to customise services to work around the business’s budget makes it the best software module.

Gives flexible options:


Gives flexible options



With all your business and operational data stored in the cloud, you and your staff have complete access to it all from any place and at any time. You also have the full freedom to restrict access to data levels, letting the relevant people gain access to it as per their capacities within the organisation. Such a system ensures that your entire staff can work competently even if they are stationed remotely keeping the wheels of your operations going smooth all the time. 

Perhaps the best flexibility of using cloud-based ERP comes from the fact that a software like NetSuite ERP can be customised as per business needs. Each feature can be aligned as per the specific operation to let the business use it easily and manage all windows effectively. Also, the learning curve is an easy one letting staff of all levels grasp their roles in running it quickly and effortlessly.

Real-time analytics 24/7:


Real-time analytics 24/7



All your business analytics starting from sales at multiple window points to customer information are accessible in terms of analytics at all times. The single dashboard provides all information about the entire operation in any form that you wish to view from any place and at all times. This is immensely important when it comes to making critical business decisions to ensure process optimisation. 

Scalable solution:


Scalable solution



Working with a cloud-based ERP means that you subscribe only for the services that you are availing at any point in time. As business operations expand, you have the liberty to opt for expanded capabilities as operations grow. On the other hand, those that are into seasonal businesses can easily opt for a scaled-down subscription during the lean period. In short, using a cloud-based solution simplifies the process for you and lets you adjust your operations as per business needs.

24/7 service support:


24/7 service support



All ERP SaaS services come with the assurance of round-the-clock support service for any issue that might crop up at any point in time. This comes with the subscription-based models for the software where service providers keep their client businesses going strong with all the support services that they need.

With all the major factors of any business operation benefiting, cloud-based ERP use is on the rise every hour of the day. More and more businesses are making use of the immense possibilities that these service providers offer for their best interests. NetSuite ERP is among the largest solutions used by businesses across the globe for its features and functionalities. Customisation is carried out by its authorised partners like TEQSuite to complement specific business operations.