Why-Choose NetSuite ERP to Grow Your- business

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrates different dimensions of business operations such as product planning, manufacturing, marketing, sales, finance, HR and many others. Bringing all aspects of a business on a single database, interface and application lets you manage your business better with a full overview of its multi-channel windows.

NetSuite by Oracle is the world’s #1 cloud-based ERP system that helps integrate all business dimensions into a single application, automating and managing its backend functions. Each business has its own operational identity and unique modes. NetSuite ERP offers its users the full possibility of customizing individual and advanced features as per business needs to improve its efficiency.

The best part about this special ERP is that it is totally cloud-based with innumerable customization possibilities to suit individual business processes to improve and enhance efficiency. Switching to the advanced ERP from legacy software processes is proven to accelerate growth and improve business returns. The host of tools that come with ERP systems, especially NetSuite, enables to bring operations to a unified cloud-base system each of which are customized as per small, medium or large-scale processes.

Switching to NetSuite ERP entitles moving to a dynamic and scalable solution that encompasses functionalities across enterprises on to a readily viewable single window.

Listed below are some of the key benefits of using NetSuite ERP to grow your business!

  • Reduces cost of IT infrastructure

With the entire system being could-based, businesses do not have to incur any IT cost in terms of hardware installation or software upgrade and maintenance. It gives businesses the full opportunity to channelize all IT costs to other across other processes for their development.

  • Single Window/Platform for Multiple Services

NetSuite ERP bring together all operational processes to a single platform eliminating different overhead costs and possibilities of multiple errors. The fully automated single platform system gives you opportunity to monitor and control all aspects of the business with required permissions to individual departments limiting access as and when needed.

  • Gives Real-Time Metrics Visible at all times

You can clearly get the complete view of all your core business metrics from the singleNetSuite real-time dashboard. Be it finance and sales, manufacturing and marketing or HR and taxes, you have a complete view of real-time data round the clock letting you act promptly and timely.  

  • Easy customization and integration of existing processes

NetSuite comes with built-in functionalities that allow easy integration of your multiple operations into its single ERP platform.  Bringing them together makes back-office operations easier bringing down costs while increasing productivity. Each department is able to work independently as before but with increased efficiency having access to related data from the single platform as and when required. Each of the systems are integrated onto its dashboard as unified solution.

  • Gives global Access to your business operations

As a unified platform, you are able to access all your critical business data at any time from any place in the globe for immediate intervention. NetSuite comes with apt mobile support that lets you be in control of your business data from any device even when you are on the move.  

NetSuite is an enterprise level business application with affordable cost for small and mid-sized organizations and comes with comprehensive support.

Advantages of NetSuite ERP over other systems

  • Reliable data centers and backup

Unlike some other ERP systems, NetSuite is continually investing to expand its infrastructure to secure customers’ data. All its data centers across the globe come with advanced architecture, backup and redundancy as well as disaster recovery capabilities.

  • Built for speed of operations

NetSuite ERP ecosystem is built for high speed internet right from the beginning making media streaming and content services a breeze. Processing large reports and automated updates on NetSuite is easy even when users are doing them through mobile devices. The entire system remains responsive and in-tune with intensive operational demands.

  • NetSuite is compatible with other systems

The open API system of NetSuite ERP lets it communicate smoothly with imported data that it automatically updates and integrates. Businesses wanting to integrate data from industry-specific systems can do it easily when using NetSuite using its API infrastructure without any manual keying or additional effort.


Concluding remarks

Apart from being a versatile ERP integrating your business operations onto a single platform with higher efficiency, NetSuite offers critical business data safety. Business data that is hosted outside offices require safety and using NetSuite ensures it to the fullest. Its full data mirroring to its offsite locations allows this to happen seamlessly and ensure data safety even in case of critical breach or failures. Reduced, infrastructure costs, safer and faster operations with customized domains have made NetSuite ERP the top choice of businesses around the globe.

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